Guacamole Salad

Guacamole Salad

My husband and I went to our favorite restaurant last week. It was a gorgeous spring evening and they have a balcony just perfect for soaking up the last few hours of sunlight. We drank Greek lager and ordered several small plates. I love how the guacamole salad was served, really clever but simple (and delicious). Just thin slices of avocado, red onion, and tomato with a little cilantro tossed between layers. Wouldn’t this be a cute salad to go along with a Mexican themed dinner?

Anchovy fries

I also had these delish anchovy fries. Might not be for the faint of heart (they still have their eyeballs on underneath that crispy exterior) but their crunchy, brininess went great with the cool, creamy avocado. And my husband amused me with a fried anchovy mustache, which just topped off the night.


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