Hanging tea cup flowers

Image on left sourced here.

I’ve seen these little cuties popping up in wedding pictures for awhile now. I’m a big believer that everything is cuter in a tea cup or suspended in the air. So this idea is pretty much the home run of cuteness. It would also make an adorable little detail for that big thing happening Sunday. You know, the one involving your mom? I’m just sayin’ 🙂

Hanging tea cup flowers

I am sure I cheated a bit in my interpretation. Since  mine was for an indoor application (hanging from my dining room chandelier), I didn’t worry too much about making it super sturdy. Mostly because my dining room has been wind-free for 6 years and counting. So my saucer and cup are not attached in any way other than gravity. IF you recreate this to go outside, I would use some of that sticky wax you can get at craft stores to make sure cup and saucer stay together in a breezy situation.

Hanging tea cup flowers

I doubled up crepe streamers to hang my tea cup instead of using the ribbon in the inspiration. I think they give it a cleaner, less fussy look. They were surprisingly strong! A few judiciously placed staples at the top kept the whole thing secure. That said, I wouldn’t go about putting HUGE blossoms in an arrangement like this. For one thing, gravity will make them tip right out unless you use floral foam. Which I wouldn’t because it is super heavy when wet. Which brings me to my next point – use flowers that are not thirsty. These arrangements are suspended in mid-air, and water just adds extra weight. Extra weight could cause hanging failure and bring about tea cup catastrophe 2011 in the middle of your mother’s day tea. Alstromeria, mums, mini carnations, and babies breath all fall in the small and non-thirsty category of flowers. Happily, they also fall into the really affordable category, too. Let me know if you try this one out, I’d love to see your pics!


2 thoughts on “Hanging tea cup flowers

  1. Do you think this would look just as good in a wicker basket or maybe a tall glass candle-holder/vase? I’m brainstorming for ideas.

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