The humble hole punch

Sometimes, the simplest tools can lead to some of the most interesting ideas. Take the humble hole punch. Probably anyone who has ever tackled a craft project has at least one of these in their craft tool kit. Looking through my Pinterest boards, I found a selection of  fun projects that use a simple circle as their base. These are great examples of how a common tool can be used to create easy party decorations that still pack a big punch – pun totally intended.

From upper left clockwise: fun confetti part invites, colorful mobile, paper punch runner, hanging circles, circle drink tags


Today I am thankful for
amazing friends who are supportive, creative, and call me with random ideas
my hilarious fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm in my ice box office
successfully resisting Bojangle’s siren call again
friends who give excellent fodder for gag 30th birthday gifts


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