Sandwich, my sandwich!

This online issue of Saveur has me dreaming up a sandwich party! How fun and easy would that be? Gather some friends, have each bring a different sandwich ingredient and everyone creates their own masterpiece between slices of bread.

My book club did a version of this but we each brought our favorite sandwich. (We were reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and sandwiches were pretty much the only thing they ate in the whole book). My friend Amanda’s sandwich sticks out in my mind – white bread, peanut butter, and Captain Crunch. Strangely delicious. I brought my favorite, crushed white beans spread on hearty bread and topped with prosciutto and roasted red peppers, yum! I’d love to hear your favorite sandwich combination¬† in the comments!


Today I am grateful for…
taming my mane into a good hair day
cool weather in MAY!
a short work week
a long weekend to spend with family and friends
conquering my lack of baking skills to make a pesto cheesecake


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