How-to videos with Clinton Kelly

This video by Clinton Kelly is BY FAR the best explanation of how to set up a buffet I have ever come across. It also happens to be exactly how I do it, so perhaps I’m a little partial. I also love that he OK’s the use of mix-matched platters and bowls, because, come on, who really has an entire matchy matchy set of buffet serving pieces?? No one I know!

The most important tips are to plan out the buffet the night before so there’s no last minute scramble searching for a platter and, even though he says it’s anal retentive, to note where each dish goes. This is especially important if anyone else will be helping to set food out, the notes make it crystal clear where everything is supposed to go!


Today I am thankful for
today being my Friday
seeing my friend Vic tomorrow night in VA
the doctor giving me meds for my cough
said meds apparently working


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