The useful origami paper cup

I am certainly not a skilled origami maker. For one thing, I am not even certain what the right term is for someone who makes origami. Master folder? Origami ninja? She-who-folds-without-getting-paper-cuts?

I am certain, though, that the origami cup is a useful trick to know when setting a table. They are easy to make, inexpensive, and can match any color scheme just by choosing coordinated paper!

I made them for a back to school party pictured above to hold napkins and silverware. I followed Martha Stewart’s tutorial which is pretty self-explanatory (though this re-post at the kitchn is easier to view), assuming you have had the opportunity to fold a piece of paper at least once in your life time.

Martha used them to hold melon balls. Cute? You betcha. However, I would use a wax paper liner if planning to fill a cone with any moisture rich items such as fruit or soup. (Don’t put soup in these, that was a joke. Unless you really hate your guests and you want a drenched and leaky soup-filled paper cup to deteriorate in their lap.) Also, the picture above is a little misleading. Fair warning, these won’t really stand up on their own!

I am also intrigued by these pretty pointed cones. I found the image via Pinterest, and it credits Purl Bee, but I could find neither hide nor hair of it myself. I did find this helpful tutorial for making a paper piping bag. It looks pretty identical to these. How cutey patootey would these be filled with potato chips, packed together in a deep basket and handed out to guests for pre-BBQ munchies? I may or may not be doing that myself for my upcoming Memorial Day picnic!


Today I am grateful for…
my boss coming back to work today from maternity leave
a packed social schedule this coming weekend
finally ordering my business cards
finding the time and energy to work on my soft launch


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