Blue and Yellow Rehearsal Dinner

Chris and Aly's Wedding

You’re about to discover where I get all my mad partying skills. That, my friends, is from my mother. She put on the most fun and fabulous rehearsal dinner for my brother and (brand new!) sister-in-law. It had a fun country feel with a blue, yellow, and white color scheme. It was held in a shelter right on the Potomac river in a public park. There was a tiny playground for the kiddies, horse shoes for the adults, and s’mores for everyone!

Chris and Aly's Wedding

I contributed the yellow lanterns. They called my name from the sale bin at Ikea a few months ago. I didn’t have a plan for them at the time, but when life hands me $1 hanging lanterns, I stock up! My husband did the leg work hanging them. Let’s just say there was a stick and yarn involved and he may or may not have been yelled at for stepping on a table cloth.

Chris and Aly's Wedding

All the cutlery was wrapped in napkins and tied with coordinated ribbons. Then, they were stashed in these adorable yellow containers that are actually planters! Cute, right?

Chris and Aly's Wedding

Most of the food was catered (BBQ, yum) but mom put together this a-dor-a-ble vegetable tray. Or rather a vegetable bucket. We stacked the sand pails filled with veggies and dips on top of blocks of ice and then filled in the gaps with more ice.

Chris and Aly's WeddingThat’s my mom on the right. We’re not sure what she was doing, but you can tell she was REALLY excited! She did a great job and everyone had a wonderful kick off to the wedding festivities. Tomorrow, pics from the BIG event!


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