Chris and Aly – Leesburg, VA Wedding

Chris and Aly's WeddingWell, the wedding festivities were certainly a whirlwind! But in the end, everything went just swimmingly. Thankfully, we were  not actually swimming in the rain, though I was worried for a bit (see those scary black clouds in the picture below). My husband’s pretty sure I used some kind of wedding planner mental super power to wish those rain clouds away. Super powers aside, the weather cleared up just in time to bathe  the happy couple in sunlight and warm wishes.

Chris and Aly's Wedding

Kicking off the wedding crafts, I made over 80 feet of bunting to grace the chairs at the ceremony. I cut out all those little triangles while watching many episodes of an excellently bad sci-fi TV show, FYI. The bunting turned out super cute and just as I had imagined. The total cost was around $25 and I had left over fabric and lovely twill tape to use in all the other little details.

Chris and Aly's Wedding

The reserved seating markers in action. (PS made these while watching Strictly Ballroom!)

Chris and Aly's Wedding

The day before I left to head out of town for the wedding, I decided we needed fans for the ceremony. The ceremony was at 3 PM, and after another sweltering summer day, I considered this a project worth the last minute scramble. A quick trip to the dollar store yielded enough materials for 32 fans for the whopping total of $4. Thanks to some help from my trusty glue gun, these came together in about 30 minutes. I don’t remember what I was watching while making these as my husband was keeping my plied with delicious homebrew.

Chris and Aly's Wedding

To end, here are a few pictures of the flowers I did for the ceremony. The boutonnieres were just a single button mum, a sprig of greenery, and a few leaves made from the bunting fabric leftovers.  They got tied together with a bit of yellow ribbon and twill tape and were ready to go!

Chris and Aly Wedding

The ladies got bouquets of white spray roses, yellow alstromeria, and a few button mums. I neglected to take a picture, but the stems were wrapped in fabric and ribbon to finish the bouquets off.

It was a lovely day and I couldn’t be happier for the new couple! Thanks Chris and Aly for letting me play a part in your big day. Smooch!


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