I apologize for the blog silence this week. We’ve been in the midst of rather unfortunate household emergency. Let’s just say no air conditioning and 105 degree weather makes for unhappy circumstances. Fingers crossed for un-rainy weather tomorrow so our new system can be installed! Then the sweat on my brow can be from working hard in my studio instead of just, you know, breathing.

So, in lieu of a ‘real’ blog post, might I direct you to this awesome recipe for butterbeer over at Heather Bailey’s wonderful blog? If you have somehow managed to miss it despite a massive media blitz, the final Harry Potter movie opens this weekend. I am a fan, not a dress-up-on-opening-night kind of fan, but an I-watch-this-on-an-embarrassingly-regular-basis kind of fan, so I am very excited. Perhaps I will whip up a batch of this butterbeer to smuggle it in to the movie theater? If only I had some Bertie’s beans to go with…


One thought on “Butterbeer!

  1. Yikes, hope you get your a/c back up very soon! This recipe looks amazingly simple, and the little broomsticks are the perfect touch 🙂

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