Shapes Baby Shower Invite Tutorial

Momo Baby Shower Invite

Coming up with an invitation idea is one of the highlights of party planning for me. It’s also usually the jumping off point for a party’s theme or overall mood. The invites for the upcoming shapes baby shower were no exception. However, I did struggle initially. My first vision didn’t have an easy or attractive birth into reality. They were actually shockingly hideous. But, I am so pleased with the final version I can almost forget the initial repulsion to the first draft. And no, I won’t share pictures of the first ones. They were that bad.

Momo Baby Shower Invite

There are a few steps to making these invites, but nothing is terribly difficult. First, type up the invitation. I did mine in Word so they would print 4 to a page. For this invite, I printed the text at the very bottom so I would have plenty of room for some big time fun stamping at the top. Once printed, I cut out each invite from the page.

Momo Baby Shower Invite

Now for the fun part – making custom stamps. I gathered up some wine corks (ahem, I have more than a few saved up), a sheet of foam, and a hot glue gun. I cut out the shape from the foam and hot glue gunned it to the bottom of a cork. So simple! Then I  stamped my little heart out all over the invites. And several pages of notebook paper just because I was having so much fun.

That’s it! They really weren’t much more difficult or time consuming than browsing through the thousands of printable invite options out there and I love the feel of a handmade invitation. Added bonus, they were a fraction of the cost I would have spent on printed invites. Adorable, totally custom, AND cheap, score!


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