Favors and escort cards

My friend Jen is getting married next year and is on the hunt for DIY favor ideas that could also double as escort cards. I happened upon a fun little blog called Favor Craver today and found these adorable ideas.


These mini limoncello bottles come from Matt Bites. Limoncello is a snap to make at home. We went slightly -cello crazy a few years back with multiple batches ripening in our downstairs closet. It’s just grain alcohol + lemon zest + time. After a few weeks, strain out the lemon zest and mix with simple syrup to taste. You can also vary the taste and color by using oranges or limes in place of the lemon. Jen’s a talented graphic designer by trade, so designing some nifty labels to decorate the bottles would be a cinch for her.


These cute little soaps come from The Pretty Blog. Homemade soap is easy to come by either from Etsy or made with kits. These look so cute wrapped up in wax paper and adorned with pretty ribbons and labels. Jen’s wedding is out of town (far far out of town) so these have an added bonus of being easy to transport and difficult to damage.

vintage paperback favors

Ok, this one is more for me than for Jen, but I am seriously crushing on the use of vintage paperbacks as favors and escort cards featured on Rock N Roll Bride. Used paperbacks usually run $1-$2, which is a bargain for favors, and can be found sometimes cheaper at library or yard sales. Wouldn’t it be fun to pick up copies and then decide who should get what book?

galvanized containers with cards

Jen doesn’t want anything ‘living’ since it would be too hard to get to the wedding location, but I love the look of the galvanized tins and cards from The Knotty Bride. The tins could hold candles or candy or <blanking on something that starts with ‘can’ except the word ‘cans’>.

jars with labels and doilies

These tiny jars from The Wedding Chicks would be perfect to showcase a local delicacy. Maybe jam or honey? I love the rustic look of the wooden heart and the granny-chic doily.

Big plans coming up this weekend. We’re celebrating my little sister’s entrance into her 30’s. There will be beach sitting, wave jumping, blueberry mojitos and chimichurri. I can’t wait!


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