Weekend funs

delicious whiskey

We had a terrific weekend invading my cousin’s house near the beach. Saturday dawned bright and HOT, but the sand and sun and breeze at the shore were perfect. As were the mimosas and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we snacked on. Food just tastes better outside, don’t you think? We also ran into an old friend who used to be our neighbor 27 years ago! He saw on FB where we were and happened to be on the same beach. While  technology can sometimes feel creepy and invasive, this time it was a real treat only made possible via FB tagging and super phones.

My cousin had a surprise for us Saturday after the beach – a Jameson whiskey tasting! I liked the Midleton the best – hints of watermelon, honey, and spice ( no one else believed me about the watermelon) – but they were all delicious.

Whiskey Excited

As you can see, the husband was super excited and tried to hug all the bottles.


I recently acquired a bottle of blueberry mixer and my cousin bought a 10 lb. bag of limes in honor of our visit, so we thought we’d give blueberry mojitos a try. Unfortunately, despite an extremely pretty shade of purple, the mixer just didn’t seem to get it done flavor wise. Don’t worry, we drowned our sorrows in more whiskey. For a much better blueberry mojito, check out my old blog here for some pretty printables and a tried and true recipe.


Also thought I’d shade this funny sign. We stopped here for tacos, so this sign was even more bewildering. Why are there livers at a taco place? Could I get those livers raw, to go, in a liver taco? Ewwww.

Big thanks and hugs to my cuz TL for hosting us this weekend, love you!


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