I am super busy this week wrapping up last minute details for the baby shower this weekend. So, here’s a quick post with the last 5 things I pinned up at Pinterest.

I think the star runner above is pretty awesome. I would love to see it used as a table runner or hung up as a back drop for a party. Plus – ooooh sparkly!

The super tall floral arrangement in the galvanized container first caught my eye in these photos. Upon closer examination, I may be more in love with that fancy chalkboard menu. Has me wondering how all that fine print was done. Might it be a fake out and is actually a printed poster made to look like a chalkboard? I may never know.

The Martha is all over Pinterest. I like these cute little escort cards for a holiday table. (And a glue gun, BOO YA!)

Umm, errr, well… I said I’d do the last 5 pins, and this octopus head can-can girl is on that list. She’s retro, and bizzare, and black and white, and I find her terribly impressive. I’m also pretty sure the leering horde of men in the background creep me out more than the cephalopod engulfing her head. <Also, totally thrilled I got to use cephalopod in a sentence!>

Back in safer territory, I pinned this little pretty because the colors are just fantastic. Can’t really go wrong with fuchsia, navy and white. This picture is just screaming to be translated into an outfit. I’m seeing white trousers, a navy open-necked blouse framing a fuchsia statement necklace, and a white woven clutch. Plus, it looks like it might be in the Caribbean somewhere, which is exactly where I will wear such an outfit if the financial and sartorial stars ever align.

Tomorrow, I will give you a sneak peek into the hardcore shower planning I have going on. Just kidding, it’s not hardcore, that would be weird.


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