Mmmmm, caviar

Caviar with all the trimmings

After all the shower fun is over this weekend, I’m thinking about a special little party meal for just the husband and me. Caviar and all the trimmings is currently the front runner. I find that people either love caviar or hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Luckily, I recovered from an unfortunate childhood encounter (don’t let curious 8 year olds loose at fancy cocktail parties) and am now firmly in the love camp.

Really good caviar is expensive, but I’m perfectly happy with the kind that comes off a shelf in my regular grocery store. I’m sure somewhere someone who only eats Imperial beluga caviar is having a heart attack at that statement, but sometimes a girl’s gotta get her decadence fix on a budget.

Here’s my way of eating caviar, which  happens to include many of the classic caviar pairings.

Chill the caviar. Butter and toast some white bread, then remove the crusts and cut into fingers or little triangles. Cut a lemon into wedges. Mince a few slices of onion. Finely chop some fresh parsley. Place all of these on a pretty dish or tray and add a dollop of sour cream, too. Pop open some sparking wine (Champagne and caviar is a cliche bound by truth) and let the culinary decadence begin.

I love caviar this way because I can mix and match all the different pairings for a whole range of tastes. Each little toast point becomes a chance to try out a new flavor combination.

Am I alone in my love of caviar? I hope not, but chime in and let me know whether caviar is tops on your list or if you’d rather all  those stinking fish kept their eggs to themselves!



2 thoughts on “Mmmmm, caviar

  1. I am a cavier lover myself and I have to admit that I would often indulge during fancy art openings on my college campus. They would always serve this delicious cheese/nut round and the edges were lined with cavier. I would covertly scrape away the cavier and enjoy on a lovely water cracker. DELISH!!

    Sometimes I didn’t even look at the art.

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