Printable Jam Label and Blueberry Spice Jam Recipe

Blueberry Spice Jam

1 blueberry labelAll my little jars of blueberry spice jam were just crying out for a pretty label for their lids. So, if you ever find yourself with a massive amount of blueberries, might I suggest the recipe below for jam and printing out these cuties to adorn the jars? PS – in case I have veered too far from party territory, these would make ADORABLE favors for a blueberry themed party!

printable blueberry labels

Blueberry Spice Jam

To make  jam shelf-stable, the jars will need to processed using the boiling water canning method. Read more about it at the USDA website, this recipe is actually adapted from their blueberry spice jam. Or head to the library and check out a home canning guide. I recommend Well Preserved by Eugenia Bone. (Doesn’t she have a great name?)  Her practical no-nonsense advice really put my fears about home canning at ease.

Blueberry Spice Jam – makes 6 half pint jars

5 cups ripe blueberries, well washed and mushy ones picked out

1 Tablespoon lemon juice (from a bottle, NOT fresh)

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

3/4 cup water

1 box powdered pectin, 1-3/4 ounce, for full sugar canning

5-1/2 cups sugar

Sterilize your jars per boiling water canning instructions.

Crush blueberries in a large pot one layer at a time. Add lemon juice, cinnamon, and water. Stir to combine. Put pot on stovetop over high heat and add the box of pectin, stirring well to combine. Bring to a full boil (lots of bubbles rapidly bursting) stirring frequently, then add the sugar. Keep stirring until at a rolling boil (can’t stir the boil down) and boil hard for one minute, stirring the whole time. Remove from heat and add to hot jars. Process in boiling water bath for 5 minutes.


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