I’m a pin neglecter


Oh, Pinterest. You’ve made it so easy to store and organize images, to create in depth boards FULL of inspiration and ideas. So why am I caught in a never ending quest to accumulate MORE MORE MORE pins and never go back and delve into the fantastic images I have already? Why?? The process for pinning goes something like this:

‘Ooohhh, love love love, must pin right now! Coolest thing EVAH!’


Get distracted by NEXT coolest thing ever and never ever look at the first one again


That’s a shame and I am heartily disappointed in myself. So here’s a collection of some of my earliest pins. Don’t forget your early pins! They’re just sitting their patiently waiting to be rediscovered.

Cranberry bag centerpiece

Doily votives (who doesn’t love a good doily?)

Lace embroidery hoop

Hanging glass centerpiece

Tartan table


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