Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner

Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner

My husband, Keith, is an avid home brewer. We spent this past Saturday at our local Oktoberfest, which is a home brewer’s paradise. Where else can you taste beers like a cranberry ale (delicious), a peppermint patty stout (yummy), or a jalapeno beer (GROSS) all at one place?

We capitalized on the beer momentum and hosted a hop centered tasting dinner on Sunday evening. Keith made the same beer recipe three times using a different hop for each batch. Tasting them side by side really showed off the differences between the hops.

Of course, I chipped in with some easy beer-themed table decor. Anybody else enjoying some Oktoberfest festivities this month?

Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner

Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner

Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner

Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner

Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner


4 thoughts on “Hoptacular Beer Tasting Dinner

  1. I feel like we must already know each other… or we should! My boyfriend-plus, Paul, is a big home-brewer too, and with our mutual love of party-planning and all-around craftiness, I’d say we have a serious lot in common for two Charlotteans!

    P.S. I love your husband’s idea of brewing the same beer three times with three different hops! I just helped Paul with a sweet potato stout this weekend. I’m definitely passing this idea along to him.

    • Hi, Amanda! I keep meaning to get out to one of the Crown Town Handmade events, maybe we can meet up then!

      Sweet potato stout sounds way yummy. And good for you for helping! The only thing I help with in brewing is the drinking of the final product 🙂

  2. This is really cute 🙂 I like the bottle cap placecards…awesome! I was bummed I missed Oktoberfest this year, I was coordinating a wedding so I had to miss it 😦

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