Insta-party: Can you say cranberry?

Cranberry Insta-PartyI have a serious crush on the cranberry. It’s sweet, it’s tart, and it’s such a pretty crimson! I’m so happy it’s fall because lots of things get cranberried up for the season, including this week’s Insta-Party. It’s a cranberry-palooza in that photo up there (and in my belly).  Simple wheat crackers and cream cheese are jazzed up with some dried cranberries and a healthy dose of pepper and chased down with an orange cranberry sippable shot.

Orange Cranberry Sippable Shot (it’s sippable because it’s not strong)

Combine equal parts triple sec liquor and cranberry cocktail in a shaker with lots of ice. Shake until cold. Serve in small glasses. Drop a few dried cranberries in the bottom of the glass for garnish.

Cream Cheese and Cranberry Crackers (try saying that 5 times fast)

I feel dumb even writing this. I am pretty sure most everyone could figure it out from the picture above. But, I’ve known some seriously intellectually challenged people, so here goes! Spread cream cheese over woven wheat crackers. Just so we’re clear, by ‘woven wheat crackers,’ I mean Triscuits, king of the crackers. Top each cracker with a few dried cranberries and freshly ground black pepper.

Who else is on the cranberry bandwagon with me? Do you love them or shiver when anyone mentions Grandma Sally’s cranberry gelatin mold?


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