DIY Mummy


Every year around this time, I get a catalog which advertises a life size mummy for the low low price of $129. The mummy IS pretty cool and all, but isn’t that a lot of money to spend on a decoration that only gets used once a year? Plus, where the heck do you store that thing the rest of the time?

However, concerns like that do not dissuade my life size mummy yearning for my own Halloween party. Being unwilling/unable to forgo my shoe budget for several months to purchase one, I whipped up the one above from basic household items. Total cost of the project – around $1, the cost of a roll of toilet paper!  I love how it turned out, though adding the votive candles around the mummy for that spooky shrine atmosphere did make me worry the mummy (and my dining room) might go up in flames! Mental note – use those little battery operated votives next time.

Supplies needed for a DIY Life Size Mummy: Pajama pants (light colored), long sleeved top (light colored), pillow, several towels, a pair of socks, a plastic grocery bag, a newspaper, 1 roll of toilet paper

Directions: Lay the pants and long sleeved top on a flat surface where the mummy will be displayed. Place the pillow in the shirt to make the ‘chest’ of the mummy. Roll up some towels and stick them in the pant legs and sleeves to make arms and legs. Use some wadded up newspaper as filler if needed. Stuff the socks with newspaper and place at the end of the pajama pants. Stuff a plastic bag with newspaper to make a head shape and tie the bag closed. Place the ‘head’ above the shirt. Working from the feet up, lay strips of toilet paper over the body form, tucking the ends under to hide them. I used two layers of toilet paper to make sure no hint of the pants or shirt would show through.

Halloween’s right around the corner, and this project would be perfect for any party! Plus, it’s fast, cheap, and easy. Party decorations don’t get much better than that!


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