Spooky DIY Feather Chandelier

Spooky Halloween Feather Chandelier

As I hinted on Friday, I’ve been kicking around the idea of some kind of spooky hanging chandelier. My first idea was a BIG leaf chandelier, but I didn’t get any further than a bag of black spray painted leaves (and fingers)!

So I rethought the initial idea. Rummaging through my craft supplies, I found a half-forgotten bag of black feathers and BOOM, mini feather chandelier it is! A few rhinestones add some satisfying bling and upgrade this DIY project into gothic glam territory.

Bag of black feathers
Black cardstock
Hot Glue
Black Ribbon

Spooky Halloween Feather Chandelier

Cut the cardstock into two pieces, one 12″ x1″ and one 8″ x1″. Hot glue the feathers to each strip.

Spooky Halloween Feather Chandelier

Curve the cardstock into a circle with the hot glued feathers facing the inside. Glue the edges of each piece of cardstock together to make two circles. Giggle because they look like the indian headreses you made in 2nd grade.

Spooky Halloween Feather Chandelier

Cut three 6″ pieces of ribbon. Tape to the inside of the two circles so that the smaller circle hangs underneath the bigger. Cut another piece of ribbon about 24″ long and tape to the bigger circle to hang. Hot glue rhinestones around the paper circles for that extra sparkly kind of spooky!


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