Halloween Party Recap

Halloween 2011

Did I forget to mention I was throwing a Halloween party with some friends? The first week at the new job left me rather discombobulated, so I haven’t been focusing on much else, let alone doing a good job planning for a party. However, we threw a Halloween party at this friend’s house a few years ago and he saved ALL the decorations we used before. How great is that? I had picked up a few more things pre-job switch (when I still have full usage over my brain) and we were able to pull together a pretty rocking party with just a few hours prep. Yay, teamwork!

The costumes were particularly great this year, but I won’t be posting any of those pictures in order to protect the not-so-innocent. I will tell you my favorite costume was my friend dressed as Richard Simmons, curly wig and all. HILARIOUS! Runner up, a honey badger!

Halloween 2011

These are my infamous eyeballs. They’re just Oreo truffles decorated with icing, but they’re always a big hit!

Halloween 2011

This is a watermelon that showed up at a party several weeks ago and has just been hanging around ever since. We decorated it with the spiders to add to the Halloween ambiance.

Halloween 2011

My friend Erin put together some candy coffins, isn’t it too cute??

Halloween 2011

What’s Halloween without Jello shots? All lime all the time.

Halloween 2011

The prize cauldron for best costume included some delicious pumpkin beer homebrew, a glitter rat, spider rings, plastic skeletons, some funny glasses, and of course CANDY!

Halloween 2011

And yes, this is a picture of a wooden giraffe drinking a 40 of Tecate next to the deviled eggs. It was that kind of party. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of spooky celebrations, too!


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