Dressed Up Cups

Dressed Up Cups

The holiday season has descended! I’m in full-on party prep mode for our annual holiday party. One of our traditions for the party is my husband’s wicked delish spiced hot cider. He makes about two gallons every year, we set it on the stove at a simmer with a decanter of rum next to it. It’s always a hit and we have never have any left at the end of the night.

Every year I weigh the options for cups for the cider. Since it’s hot, normal cups won’t really cut it. In years past, I’ve made tags to decorate our regular mugs and used plain Styrofoam cups. But, we don’t really have enough mugs for the number of cider drinkers and Styrofoam is plain old boring. This year, I bought some festive red paper cups at the dollar store, but I thought they needed some jazzing up. Hence this super easy DIY, which really makes the cups special!
Dressed Up Cups


Paper cups

White card stock

Self adhesive mini ribbon bows (check out dollar or big box stores for cheap options)


Nice pen

Cut the card stock into 1″ x 2″ strips. Cut a V shape out of the bottom of each strip. Write each guest’s name on a strip (or numbers if it’s a big party). Peel backing off a mini ribbon bow. Center a strip under the ribbon and press firmly to a cup. Repeat for each cup.

I love, love, love how these turned out. They’re the perfect (easy) detail to dress up a plain cup. They look really impressive, but don’t take much time or money to whip up. Keep these in mind post-holiday, too, for birthday parties or baby showers!


4 thoughts on “Dressed Up Cups

  1. Ohhhh can’t wait to fill my cup!
    And am I the only one who would love to have a feast on all of the insta-party goodies?

  2. These are cute! Reminds me of some wedding diy somewhere for watercolor painted cups. It’s easy to forget that drinking cups are customizable 🙂

  3. Soooo cute! And I’m glad you already have my cup ready because I’m planning to drink LOTS of Keith’s cider this year! 🙂

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