Insta-Party: Honey Apple Libation and Poor Man’s Winter Caprese

Poor man's winter caprese and Honey Apple Libations

Winter has it’s upsides; Christmas, snow, cracking fires, boots! But one of it’s major downsides for me is the lack of tomato. Of REAL tomato. Those gross things in the grocery store don’t come close to a real, homegrown, summer tomato. During these dark months, I sometimes turn to grape tomatoes for a fix. They are slightly closer to the real thing. Plus, they’re tiny and cute. Which counts for a lot with me. This is also a ‘poor man’s’ salad because see those white cheese balls? Thinking they’re fresh mozzarella? Nope, string cheese! Oh yes, I went there.

Poor man's winter caprese

Poor Man’s Winter Caprese, serves 2

1/2 pint grape tomatoes

2 sticks of string cheese

1/2 teaspoon dried basil

2 teaspoons olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Wash and dry tomatoes and halve each tomato. Cut string cheese into small bites. Combine tomatoes and cheese with all other ingredients and toss well. Serve cold or at room temp.

Honey Apple Libations

The husband and I had quite a few errands to run last weekend. While in the car, we started brainstorming what kind of flavor would be a good additive to hard cider (and what we had available in the liquor cabinet). We talked about cinnamon (yum), melon (gross), cranberry (obvious), before we settled on honey. If you’re not familiar with it, Drambuie is a whisky – honey liquer from Scotland. After you try this recipe, keep the bottle on hand to make Rusty Nails down the road.

Apple Honey Libation, makes 1 drink

12 ounces hard cider, chilled

1 ounce Drambuie

Combine cider and Drambuie, stir gently. Drink immediately.


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