Insta-Party Galore at Serious Eats

No original Insta-Party from me today, folks. I was too busy with a full-fledged party last weekend to get around to it, drat. Luckily, the folks over at Serious Eats have compiled a HUGE list of 60 appetizers that can be thrown together in 20 minutes or less, just in time for the holidays. Hop on over and take a look. I’d say more than half could be done in under 5 minutes if you have the ingredients on hand. Don’t look too closely, though, I noticed some of my favorites I already had in store for future Insta-Parties made an appearance on the Serious Eats list!

Tomorrow, glorious food porn shots of this weekend’s holiday open house spread. No people or decorations, though, I was too distracted by my guests and a baby (not mine! one of my best friend’s). Hope your holiday season is coming together!


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