Insta-Party: Dirty Martini and Olive Cheese Sticks

Dirty Martini and Olive Cheese Picks

Whew. Was that ever a crazy holiday season! I got to spend a lot of good quality family time, cooked A LOT, and laughed even more. If you also had guests for the holidays, do you end up with a fridge of random leftovers, too? This year, we had lots of cheese and several open jars of olives living in the fridge after we hugged our last guest good bye. Not wanting them to go to waste, they made their way into this Insta-Party!

Dirty Martini and Olive Cheese Picks

The dirty martini holds a special place in my heart. It was my drink of choice in 2003, back when ‘going out’ still required extremely tall footwear and somehow every night ended with singing ‘To the window…to the wall’ in the street. Fun times. My friend Matt used to bar tend in those days and would make me filthy dirty martinis. Now I like them slightly less dirty, but feel free to amp up the amount of olive juice and sing Lil Jon songs till your heart’s content.

Dirty Martini, makes 1 drink

Splash of dry vermouth

3 ounces reasonably good vodka

1 teaspoon olive juice

1 olive

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake 100 times and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with the olive and enjoy right away.

Dirty Martini and Olive Cheese Picks

I’m sort of in love with these because they look so very cool and took so very little effort. If you can spear an olive on a toothpick, you can make these cute bites. They’re a little retro, but tasty. Also, shout out to my mom for giving me these awesome patterned serving papers. Thanks, mom!

Olive and Cheese Sticks, makes 6 sticks

12 green olives

1 slice Swiss cheese, cut into 6 long strips

Roasted sunflower seeds for garnish

Take a toothpick. Poke through one end of the Swiss cheese. Poke an olive next on the stick and wrap the cheese around the side of the olive and poke the cheese again. (This is sounding like bad romance instructions, sorry!) Repeat with a second olive, wrapping the cheese around it as well. End by poking the cheese with the stick. Repeat process with the remaining olives and cheese strips. Spread a thin layer of sunflower seeds on a serving dish and arrange olive and cheese sticks over the seeds. Can be made in advance, covered, and chilled in the fridge.


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