Insta-Party: Whiskey Sours with Endive, Roast Beef, and Blue Cheese

Endive with roast beef, blue cheese and whiskey sours

I hear it’s a no-no to talk too much about work on your blog. So, I’ll just say I’m involved in a fun, big, time-consuming project that is zapping a lot of my creative energy. But not in a bad way, just in an ‘I’m way too exhausted to blog after work’ kind of way. Case in point, I shot this Insta-Party two weekends ago, but am only just now getting around to the write up. Once my work project goes live, I’ll clue you in about my part in it and hopefully you’ll forgive me for not starting 2012 with a bang here at the Ready, Set, Party blog!

Onto the party. How do you feel about Belgian endive? It’s a winter vegetable, so you may have seen it in little baskets in the produce aisle. It’s kind of alien looking, being all pale and kind of pointy. Then there’s the added difficulty with pronunciation because inevitably your cashier will have no idea what this tiny weird lettuce thing is. I usually spit out the Americanized EN-DIVE (just like it’s written! Easy to find on that rolling wheel of produce). But sometimes, if caught off-guard, my inner Francophile emerges and I say ON-DEEVE. Then I get a blank stare and a pointed ‘How do you spell that?’

Endive with roast beef, blue cheese and whiskey sours

Anyway, don’t let those obstacles stop you. Belgian endive leaves are a terrific vehicle for any dip or filling. And, they’re practically calorie free, for any of you still on the New Years bandwagon.

Endive, Roast Beef, Blue Cheese, serves 4

2 Belgian endives, separated into leaves and well washed

4 thin slices roast beef from the deli counter

2 ounces blue cheese

Drizzle of any old vianegrette

Pull the slices of roast beef into smaller pieces and stuff a bit into each Belgian endive leaf. Crumble the blue cheese and put a little on top of the roast beef. Drizzle each leaf with a little dressing and serve.

Endive with roast beef, blue cheese and whiskey sours

The whiskey sour is an easy classic. You can get all fancy like with homemade simple syrups and fresh squeezed citrus, or you can combine one part whiskey with two parts bottled sour mix and be ready to drink in a quarter of the time. Add a cherry if you want to amp up the fancy!


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