Broiled Feta with Grown-Up Gin and Juice

Broiled Feta and Grown Up Gin and Juice

Did we ever have some gloomy weather last weekend! Cold, disgusting rain for 4 days straight with nary a sunbeam to be seen. I can’t complain too much since we tend to have winter pretty easy here in the South, but all that dampness still had me longing for some place warm. I put together this Insta-Party with bright summery flavors so at least my tastebuds could travel to a sunnier locale.  Plus, I needed and excuse to break out the new floral cocktail napkins I got for Christmas. (Thanks, Mom!)

Broiled Feta and Grown Up Gin and Juice

Some cheeses just stand up to heat better than others. Feta is one of them. The trick is making sure to cut thick slices that won’t fall apart. Dusted with a little flour, they can even be fried. It’s a lot easier to broil them, though. You may or may not want a cracker or slice of bread for this. I enjoyed the hot cheese with a cracker, but the husband ate it straight up. A dish of olives would also play nicely with this hot cheese number.

Broiled Feta, serves 2

4 ounces light feta cheese in a block, cut into 2 thick slices

1 teaspoon olive oil

zest from 1/4 lemon


Pre-heat broiler. Put feta slices in a small oven proof dish. Broil as close to heat as possible about 4-5 minutes, checking often to make sure cheese doesn’t burn. When cheese starts to brown, remove from broiler and top with olive oil, lemon zest, and pepper. Serve hot.

Broiled Feta and Grown Up Gin and Juice

The grown-up gin and juice is really a salty dog with gin substituted for vodka. Don’t ask me why, but the gin makes the grapefruit juice taste grapefruitier. I know that’s not a real word, but I feel strongly that it should be.

Grown-Up Gin and Juice, serves 1

Juice from 1/2 pink grapefruit, juiced rind reserved

2 ounces gin

large grain salt

Pour salt onto a saucer or small plate big enough to fit the rim of the martini glass. Rip off a piece of the grapefruit rind with some pulp left on it and run pulpy/juicy side around the glass to leave a thin line of stickiness around the rim. Dip glass rim into salt.  Combine juice and gin in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and {say it with me} shake 100 times. Pour into prepared martini glass and enjoy the frosty salty, sweet, bitter yumminess.


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