101 POSTS! Insta-Party: Sparkly Screwdrivers and Dirty Martini Dip

Sparkling screwdrivers and dirty martini dip

I belatedly realized my 100th post was of a mustache on a door, so I am celebrating my 101st post. And if 101 posts isn’t a reason to party, I don’t know what is!! Thanks to you all for checking in, leaving kind comments and general good cheer while visiting my humble blog. I truly appreciate you all! WOOHOO! Now, down to partying…

When I asked the husband what kind of drink I should pair with the dirty martini dip recipe, he dramatically rolled his eyes and stated ‘A dirty martini, duh.’ I like olives as much (or rather more than) the next girl, but the idea of an olive centered drink AND appetizer kicked on my mental gag reflex. Too much of a good thing can actually be too much! I thought something sweet and light would be better with the olive dip, and I do believe it was the right call. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a dirty martini with a dirty martini dip chaser and let me know how that goes.

Sparkling screwdrivers and dirty martini dip

I mentioned this dip last week that my friend Jess made for me. Part of the saga of the dirty martini dip was the lack of a recipe. She had a list of ingredients, but not proportions, so she just winged it. So did I. She hand chopped her olives and stirred them in to the softened cream cheese. I whirled mine in a food processor. I actually like the consistency of her version better. The dip was more rustic with big chunks of olives. But you can’t beat the food processor for speed and ease. You’ll have to decide for yourself which way you prefer this tangy olive dip, either way it’s yummy.

Dirty Martini Dip (adapted from Jess’s friend Lauryn who has a now defunct blog, so I can’t link to her), serves 4-5 people

1 block light cream cheese, softened

1 – 15 ounce jar green olives, drained but reserve some of the juice

1 ounce vodka

1 teaspoon hot sauce

If combining by hand, roughly chop the olives and stir into the softened cream cheese. Add the vodka and hot sauce and stir to combine. If the dip is too stiff, add a little of the reserved olive juice while stirring until it’s the consistency you want.

If using the food processor, dump all ingredients into the food processor and pulse until combined.

Serve with crackers or celery sticks or spread on some white bread.

Sparkling screwdrivers and dirty martini dip

I like a regular screwdriver now and then, but it’s a tad bo-ring. A splash of lemon lime soda brightens the drink right up, though! Think strong screwdriver meets sparkling mimosa. Also, think about having two of these cocktails; one won’t be quite enough. DRINK HINT: You don’t need to break out the measuring tools for this one. Just fill a glass with equal amounts of OJ, vodka, and soda!

Sparkly Screwdriver

2 ounces orange juice (fresh is preferable, but that Simply Orange brand is pretty tasty, too)

2 ounces vodka

2 ounces lemon lime soda, brand of your choice (Sprite, 7UP, Sierra Mist, Citrus Sling, whatever)

Fill a rocks glass with fresh ice. Pour all ingredients over ice and stir gently. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “101 POSTS! Insta-Party: Sparkly Screwdrivers and Dirty Martini Dip

  1. Stephanie, the Dirty Martini Dip is so delicious! I made a version by accident about 2 months ago. My family make a spread similar to this – cream cheese & olive (quite original) and I accidentally grabbed vodka instead of the olive juice (maybe I had one too many dirty martinis myself) in any case, this is a great dip and the hot sauce really does add that kick to keep it from being too tart from the olives. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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