Insta-Party: Gin Sunrise and Smoked Salmon, Pesto Crostini

Gin Sunrise and Smoked Salmon Pesto Crostini

I wish I had something funny or clever to share with you about this Insta-Party. But alas, I am lacking witty anecdotes for it! The tastiness of this one will have to speak for itself. I will point out my brand-spanking new little tray. It’s bamboo! It’s actually a tiny bar cutting board! I only paid $3 for it! I’m more excited than I should be about it!

Gin Sunrise and Smoked Salmon Pesto Crostini

A quick note about smoked salmon. There are multiple varieties out there that fall into two main categories: cold smoked and hot smoked. The hot smoked salmon is cooked in the process of smoking and produces a very firm piece of salmon, just like if you cooked it at home yourself. Cold smoking first cures the salmon with salt, but the fish is technically uncooked, so it retains the silky smooth texture of raw fish. Before you say, ew, gross, if you’ve ever had bagels and lox, you’ve eaten cold smoked salmon.

My local grocery store stocks little trays of what they call ‘nova bits’ which are small trimmings of cold smoked salmon. I would imagine they’re the pieces that get cut off to make the expensive shrink wrapped packages of lox look so tidy. However, the leftover bits are rather inexpensive and perfect to use for cooking! I’ve never seen them at any other grocery, though, so if you can’t find them, a package of cold smoked salmon cut into strips will work just fine.

Smoked Salmon, Pesto Crostini, makes 10 crostini

10 rounds cut from a French baguette

1 Tablespoon prepared pesto

1/4 cup cold smoked salmon, cut into strips

Spread a little of the pesto on each bread round. Lightly toast until bread is golden and crispy. Top each piece with a strip or two of smoked salmon and serve warm.

Gin Sunrise and Smoked Salmon Pesto Crostini

Isn’t this just a pretty drink? The husband made this one up special. It’s tequila sunrise’s more sophisticated cousin with the herbal gin, bitter tonic, fruity orange, and sweet grenadine making a complex but oh-so-drinkable concoction.

Gin Sunrise, makes 1 drink

2 ounces gin

2 ounces tonic water

2 ounces orange juice

splash of grenandine

Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Combine gin, tonic water, and orange juice in glass and stir to combine. Pour a splash of grenadine after mixing and allow to settle at the bottom prior to serving.


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