Never-too-old slumber party

I had a birthday not so long ago. I also am lucky enough to have a group of fantastic girlfriends who threw me a surprise party! What started as a tongue in cheek suggestion apparently turned into ‘Oh, we’re actually planning a surprise slumber party.’ You’ll have to forgive my horrible pictures. One of the surprises was a delicious (alcoholic) punch. They know I’m a sucker for punch, and after a few glasses, I no longer had full control over my camera.

They also put together a make your own pizza bar and my friend Megan decorated the dining table with sheets and a pillow to look like a bed! Seriously, isn’t that too adorable?? Amber kindly donated her froggy as a centerpiece and you can’t see it, but there were bras and panties hanging from the chandelier. Hysterical!

Also note Megan’s very clever DIY craft on the cups. She punched a hole in  a plastic cup, tied on a name card with some pretty ribbon, and then doubled up with an un-holey cup inside so we didn’t spill punch all over ourselves. Which was pretty much bound to happen.

They also put together a candy, jello shot, and cupcake bar! We’d already eaten most of the jello shots (made with cake flavored vodka, what?!?) and a whole lot of the candy by the time I got around to the picture, but it was so cute! They also had a selection of vintage toys to play with once the punch and sugar took hold.

They did such a great job and I am so touched by the effort. Thank you Amanda, Amanda, Amber, and Megan for such a wonderful evening!

The next day, my sister surprised me with a trip to see the Hunger Games (can you tell I like surprises??) and a delicious home-cooked dinner. And the picture below happened. That’s the husband cutting my birthday cake with a sword. I can’t make this stuff up, people!


2 thoughts on “Never-too-old slumber party

  1. That photo is hilarious! What a fun party theme – you’re lucky to have such fabulous friends 🙂 Happy belated birthday!

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