Doable Detail: Block Letter Gift Wrap

Block Letter Gift Wrapping

I love hand wrapping gifts. Yes, I know gift bags are much more convenient and there are thousands of super cool printed wrapping papers, to say nothing of the adorable tags, bows, and other adornments. But I suspect I am some kind of gift wrapping masochist. Why, oh WHY, in the midst of all these beautiful wrapping choices must I insist on making my own? Nevertheless, I do, and if you happen to get the unreasonable urge to decorate a package by hand, too, here’s an easy tutorial for making a custom block letter gift wrap.

I made this for a very special young man’s first birthday. Can you guess his name? I started by wrapping the gift in plain brown craft paper. I keep this on hand at all times. You can buy enough to gift wrap a small imported sedan for about $10.

Block Letter Gift Wrapping

I then cut a strip of contrasting paper (white) long enough to wrap around the package. Weighing it down with needle nose pliers while blasting Wolfgang on your (very fingerprinty, ew) Ipad is optional.

Block Letter Gift Wrapping

Next, either free-hand sketch out the block letters like I did, or use a stencil. Either way, make sure to use a pencil. Carefully cut out each letter using a craft knife. Then go back and erase any pencil marks that might be showing.
Block Letter Gift Wrapping

Pick out some paper scraps in whatever colors and patterns you desire. Cut them down to size to fit behind each cut out letter.
Block Letter Gift Wrapping

Flip the paper with the cut out letters to the reverse side. Tape down the patterned paper over each letter. Repeat until each letter is covered.

Block Letter Gift Wrapping

And there you go, an adorable, custom, hand made gift wrapped package! Who needs cute wrapping paper anyway?


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