In Season: Pumpkin Ale Floats

Pumpkin Ale Float
It’s time for another In Season post with Jen over at Cook It, Click It, Eat It. Up today – pumpkins! It’s nearly Halloween and there are pumpkins everywhere. I started researching drinks for this post and I found a lot of pumpkin smoothie type recipes, but nothing that really intrigued  me. Plus, they all called for only 1 or 2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree, which would leave nearly an entire can of pumpkin left over and wasted unless I wanted to drink 3 or 4 pumpkin smoothies everyday for a whole week. I didn’t think that was a good plan!
Pumpkin Ale Float

Finally inspiration struck while I was enjoying another pumpkin beverage that is everywhere right now – pumpkin ale. I’ve had Guinness floats before, so I thought why not try the same idea but with pumpkin ale instead of Guinness? And of course, why not serve it out of a hollowed out pumpkin? I’m sure you can follow my logic on that one.
Pumpkin Ale Float
There were doubters about this particular experiment. Even I was a little worried. Luckily, I attended a pumpkin carving party the day before the photoshoot, hence the Jack O’Lantern in the pictures. His look of surprise perfectly reflects how we all felt about the deliciousness of the drink! Like so much about the Halloween season, something initially scary can wind up being wonderful if given the chance. Just like Teen Wolf.

Pumpkin Ale Float

I used butter pecan ice cream for the float, mostly because that’s what I already had in the freezer. But the nuttiness of the ice cream really worked, though I am quite sure vanilla ice cream would be a tasty substitution.

Pumpkin Ale Float (in a pumpkin), serves 1

1 smallish pumpkin

12 ounces pumpkin ale, I recommend Cottonwood’s Pumpkin Ale if you can find it

3 large scoops ice cream, butter pecan or vanilla

Cut the top off the pumpkin and scoop out seeds. Scrape out as much of the icky pumpkin innards as possible then give the pumpkin a good rinse and dry. Pour beer into the hollowed pumpkin and top with ice cream. Drink with a straw as drinking directly from a pumpkin is challenging.

Pumpkin Ale Float

Don’t forget to hop over to Cook It, Click It, Eat It and check out what Jen’s doing pumpkin-wise (and her spiffy new blog layout). Happy (almost) Halloween!


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