Pinboard – Wreath Inspired

Herb wreath gift tags

The new job is pretty demanding, so I haven’t had the time to play on Pinterest as much I used to. Drat. I’ve still been trying to keep tabs on all the great holiday inspiration whirling around on there, though. Here’s a quick collection of DIY details that are inspired by traditional evergreen wreaths. I love how unexpected the tags and the olive presentations are, and the double hanging wreath is pure awesomeness. Oh yeah, and that last pic. Well, let’s just say Vin Diesel in a holiday sweater really puts me in the holiday spirit. Hope your holiday plans are trucking right along!

Olive and rosemary wreath

Double wreath from the martha

Vin Diesel in a Holiday Sweater


Halloween Inspiration

Halloween Board

Can you believe October is tomorrow? I blinked and found myself teetering on the edge of September and ready to plunge into the ghoulish goodness that is October. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love how people cut loose for it, especially at costume parties. Halloween is the only time when it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a too short skirt with fishnets and fangs or sport a painted werewolf face and yellow contact lenses. Halloween party decorations reflect this anything goes attitude, too. This year I am dreaming of a black, white, and acid green party. All pictures above are from my Spooky Time board over at Pinterest. I’ve stuffed it full of great Halloween ideas so click on over and browse through my pins if you are in need of some spooky inspiration! Happy (nearly) October!

I’m a pin neglecter


Oh, Pinterest. You’ve made it so easy to store and organize images, to create in depth boards FULL of inspiration and ideas. So why am I caught in a never ending quest to accumulate MORE MORE MORE pins and never go back and delve into the fantastic images I have already? Why?? The process for pinning goes something like this:

‘Ooohhh, love love love, must pin right now! Coolest thing EVAH!’


Get distracted by NEXT coolest thing ever and never ever look at the first one again


That’s a shame and I am heartily disappointed in myself. So here’s a collection of some of my earliest pins. Don’t forget your early pins! They’re just sitting their patiently waiting to be rediscovered.

Cranberry bag centerpiece

Doily votives (who doesn’t love a good doily?)

Lace embroidery hoop

Hanging glass centerpiece

Tartan table


An ingenious paper garland!

Hello, week. Where did you go? I am grateful that the work week was shortened by a day, but seriously, what happened to my days this week? Perhaps this weekend I will find time for some real blogging for next week. In the meantime, here are my 5 most recent pins over at Pinterest. There’s some party goodness going on with these for sure!

Loving these adorable embroidery hoops.

I love this whole table, but especially the knotted napkins in the glass.

A wizard of oz tablescape that knocked my socks off.

And because something random always sneaks in, I want to sit still and drink coffee on one of these benches.


I am super busy this week wrapping up last minute details for the baby shower this weekend. So, here’s a quick post with the last 5 things I pinned up at Pinterest.

I think the star runner above is pretty awesome. I would love to see it used as a table runner or hung up as a back drop for a party. Plus – ooooh sparkly!

The super tall floral arrangement in the galvanized container first caught my eye in these photos. Upon closer examination, I may be more in love with that fancy chalkboard menu. Has me wondering how all that fine print was done. Might it be a fake out and is actually a printed poster made to look like a chalkboard? I may never know.

The Martha is all over Pinterest. I like these cute little escort cards for a holiday table. (And a glue gun, BOO YA!)

Umm, errr, well… I said I’d do the last 5 pins, and this octopus head can-can girl is on that list. She’s retro, and bizzare, and black and white, and I find her terribly impressive. I’m also pretty sure the leering horde of men in the background creep me out more than the cephalopod engulfing her head. <Also, totally thrilled I got to use cephalopod in a sentence!>

Back in safer territory, I pinned this little pretty because the colors are just fantastic. Can’t really go wrong with fuchsia, navy and white. This picture is just screaming to be translated into an outfit. I’m seeing white trousers, a navy open-necked blouse framing a fuchsia statement necklace, and a white woven clutch. Plus, it looks like it might be in the Caribbean somewhere, which is exactly where I will wear such an outfit if the financial and sartorial stars ever align.

Tomorrow, I will give you a sneak peek into the hardcore shower planning I have going on. Just kidding, it’s not hardcore, that would be weird.

Shapes Baby Shower Inspiration Board

One of my very best friends is expecting her first child (a BOY!) at the end of August. She is the first in our tight-knit group of friends to enter the brave new world of parenting, so this is a big with a capital B deal. As such, a few of us are working together to host a baby shower for her. We’re planning some traditional elements – cake, games, punch – but our friend is one super stylish mama-to-be and I didn’t think a plain old baby blue theme would do her justice. I wanted something a little out of the box,  but still playful and child like. What better than a shapes theme? Add in a super saturated color palette and we have the makings of a fun, but not sugar sweet, shower. Below is a mini-inspiration board I put together for the shower or click on over to Pinterest and check out the board there!

Baby Shower Board

Table Runner Pinboard

Table Runner Pinboard

I love table runners. They are like the gorgeous necklace that tops off a perfect outfit. Necessary? Probably not. But oh so pretty! The world of table runners is MUCH more interesting than a plain old swath of fabric. Check out these awesome ideas I found over at Pinterest, not a quilted granny runner in sight. I especially love the ribbons tied on a strand of twinkly lights. That would be fantastic for a holiday dinner party, don’t you think?

Clockwise from upper left: Trim and burlap runner, Rustic board runner, Doily runner, Ribbon and lights runner