Upcoming Party Inspiration

Have you heard about the Ultimate Host competition Sterling Vineyards is hosting? The top prize is $40,000! Wowza. So, I’m entering the first challenge! The idea is to host a party for 6 for under $75. Here’s a bit of my inspiration for the dinner I’m planning. Come Sunday evening, my dining room will resemble an all out pasta explosion! I’m excited. The husband…some what less so. Check backĀ  next week for pics. Have a lovely weekend!

All pictures found at Pinterest: Pasta shapes, Spaghetti, 1930’s cafe


Sneak Peek – Shower Planning

Shower Plans

Here’s just a snippet of the shower plans as they take shape for this weekend. I like to sketch out the placement of a buffet and note what dishes I plan on using. I might change my mind about some items as I actually do the set up, but thinking about it beforehand helps keep me on track. It also reminds me what serving pieces to pull out of storage and wash before the party prep begins in earnest! The timeline is equally rough at this point, but helps remind me to do as much as possible the evening before. Getting excited for the shower now that things are lining up!

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

I’ve been busy folding, folding, folding! These little cuties are destined to be part of the next collection of Little Wine and Cheese Party Kits. Yes, some books are being harmed in the making (it’s like a book chop shop up in here), but they weren’t very good books and were destined for the trash bin. Better to have an afterlife cut up in a party kit than rotting in a landfill, no??